Front  and back copper patterns of carrier styles 1 - 11. Please refer to them by number

Pattern Description:

Style 1 
SOIC-8 patterns, 0.5" accross, with sequential pinout -- the pins on the carrier are in the same positions as the pins on the IC.

Style 2
is the most compact configuration for SOIC8. Just 0.4" between rows, and easiest to solder,  but resulting pinout is not sequential (1-2-3-4). (it is what's called a compact pinout) Need to keep this in mind when connecting /breadboarding. Keeps traces short by bringing them to closest available carrier hole.

Style 3 and 4
Same as 1 and 2 , but for quarter pitch, 0.025", 0.625mm, 0.65mm metric

Style 5 and 6
brings all pins to the same edge, 1-2-3-4 pinout, with 5-6-7-8 on the reverse side. Uses a 4x2 header strip to save the most board space by standing the carrier vertically.

Style 7
0.05" pitch, with  a COMPACT PINOUT, in which the taces take the shortest path to the nearest pin. Minimizes lead length and overall size, but resulting pinout is not sequential. Keep this in mind when using.

Takes IC's with 8-16 pins , all widths made in this pin range.

Style 8
is a sequential pinout. Takes IC's with 8-20 pins , all widths made in this pin range.

Style 9
is a quarter pitch compact pinout for IC's of 8-20 pins. Fits all SMD chip widths

Style 10
is a sequential  pinout for IC's of 8-28 pins.
Takes all case widths made in this pin range.

Style 11
is a SOIC-8 carrier with single-in-line pinout, suitable for breadboarding.

Holes are large enough to accommodate standard low-cost square header pins. However machined pins are preferred, and should be used if possible.

Below: Machined Header pins. This is what you need-- double male pins. These are gold plated.

Most of the time we have these pins available. Please enquire